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In the Mission Springs Water District election, challengers Steve Grasha and Malcolm McLean rejected the invitation to take part in the interview session, saying they wanted no part of the Editorial Board endorsement process.

The incumbents, Nancy Wright and Jeff Bowman, did appear before the board and made good showings.

Wright, who has served on the board since 1988, says she wants to continue focusing on MSWD's efforts to boost the numbers of sewer-available lots, increasing outreach to Spanish-speaking customers and promoting the importance of clean water and conservation efforts through programs in area schools.

Bowman says a key priority of his is keeping overall customer rates low via aggressive efforts to get grants to cover improvements such as sewer connections..

Both vow to press MSWD's lawsuit against Desert Water Agency over who should be managing the groundwater source for MSWD's wells. Keeping that authority with MSWD is vital to ensuring the basin continues to be managed properly for the benefit of MSWD clients, they say.

That battle apparently is headed to trial. Bowman and Wright are ready to fight for MSWD’s interests. They have our endorsements for the Nov. 6 election.. (10-14-18)


Home Bio Service Goals Recognition Our Water Contact
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