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Our water district is financially sound, has a balanced budget and is planning for the future. Emergency and Maintenance Programs are in place.

I have represented the people of this district for almost 30 years, working with you and on your behalf to provide safe, clean and reliable water at the lowest possible costs. With your vote I will continue my efforts to protect our hot & cold groundwater basins for us and for future generations.

I am committed to keeping costs as low as possible. I have supported streamlining the district, where necessary. We have received $3.3 million grant for a 1.1 megawatt solar power plant, electrical savings of approximately $300,000 per year and a $0.6 million grant for 5 natural gas vehicles from AQMD

MSWD has a working Financial Master Plan to help guide us through this “New Normal”... we formed a Citizens Advisory Committee, to get their input on issues before making any decision, this has proven to be a very useful tool for giving the Board direction ... especially on issues that impact our wallet.

MSWD has received about $35 million in grants and has a federal appropriation for another $35 million to help offset infrastructure cost to the customers. This “Groundwater Quality Protection Plan” has kept over 782 million gallons of untreated wastewater discharge from septic systems from infiltrating the region's vulnerable groundwater and supports public health. Instead it will be properly treated and eventually recycled for a more efficient use of our waters. This is part of MSWD's overall conservation plan.

Home Bio Service Goals Recognition Our Water Contact