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Groundwater Guardians

I am one of the founding members of the Desert Hot Springs Groundwater Guardians. This year the DHS Groundwater Guardians are celebrating 23 years of "Educating people and inspiring action to ensure sustainable clean groundwater for future generations." I was honored to serve on the national Groundwater Foundation Board of Directors for 9 years.

World's Best Water

Mission Springs Water District is custodian of two miraculous treasures — the hot and cold water aquifers that provide our award-winning drinking water and the hot mineral water that distinguishes our spas and attracts visitors from around the country and around the world.

COLD WATER AQUIFER: MSWD takes great pride in winning multiple “Best Tasting Municipal Water” awards for our outstanding drinking water. Having entered the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition for the last 20 years, MSWD has brought home eight medals (more than any other municipal water purveyor in the world): the Gold Medal in 2004 and 1999; the Silver Medal in 2011, 2008, 2001 and 1997; and the Bronze Medal in 2018 and 2003.

HOT WATER AQUIFER: Our extraordinary hot water aquifer is remarkable and unique, providing mineral-rich, crystal clear, odorless, natural hot mineral water to our many outstanding local hotels, spas, and rv parks. The water is pumped from the ground between 105° and 180°. The healing and stress-relieving properties of this wonderful water are well-documented and diligently protecting this resource is essential to the health and strength of the local economy.

Home Bio Service Goals Recognition Our Water Contact