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REBUTTAL 1: Do Not be Misled by one of Nancy's challengers

He just moved into our community, he has a long history of moving into a community just to run for an elected office, but he has never been elected to anything. He is at it again, he is spreading his lies and untruths about Nancy and our water district, and he has no facts, he has not attended any water district meetings, or candidate forums or interviews. He is a coward; he hides behind his computer and writes down whatever pops into his deceitful mind. He just moved into our community and is now spreading horrific lies that are creepy and slanderous. PLEASE FACT CHECK before you vote for someone who does not have our best interests in mind.

Steve Grasha's, creepy slanderous lies cannot erase Nancy's proven Dedication to you, our water supply and our water rights.

Rebuttal 2


Home Bio Service Goals Recognition Our Water Contact
When it comes to our water...Experience and Dedication make a big difference.