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REBUTTAL 2: Do Not be Misled by Nancy's other challenger

He is making it sound so easy just by saying change is needed, when he knows nothing about what it takes to provide us with safe, clean and reliable water.

It takes engineers, qualified, certified experts and committed employees to keep our water and sewer systems in good working condition and complying with all state and federal regulations. If their compensation is not competitive, then we train them and they move on to better paying jobs. Underpaying employees costs more in the long run; these are our First Emergency Responders, they deserve a fair paycheck. There is a difference in being cheap and paying a fair wage. Training seminars are not vacations; they are important learning tools for making decisions about our water. Malcom McLean has it wrong.

MSWD's rates are fair and low as possible.

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Home Bio Service Goals Recognition Our Water Contact
When it comes to our water...Experience and Dedication make a big difference.